How to Tell if a Healing Practitioner and/or Spiritual/Energy Teacher is Correct for You

It can be confusing when you embark on the quest to find someone to help you heal, teach you an energy modality, or to lead you on your spiritual quest.  There are many individuals out there who are in the business of obtaining students, so how do you discern who is best for you?  It can be quite an expensive lesson to learn, if you don’t understand quickly that the people in this field are just like people in other fields and it is up to you to protect yourself first!  Buyer beware!

If you are just beginning your quest you may not know how to figure this out.  For those individuals, below we present a list of questions to ask to help you.

First, you need to recognize the reason why you are doing this, what your values are, and what resources you have at hand.  There are many, many articles and books out there that can be obtained prior to ever contacting a living, breathing person.  Do your research and get familiar with what’s out there.  See what appeals to you and what doesn’t.

Are you drawn to hands-on healing techniques?  Maybe you are experiencing sensations or events that others call psychic gifts?  Do you want to learn a modality to help yourself heal or are you drawn to helping others heal?  While it may seem silly to you, this is an important step.  True, many people don’t know where to begin, but before you step into a Mind Body Expo or the local Woo Woo event, go online and get familiar with what could be waiting for youKnowledge is power!

The nice thing is, organizations market what is going to happen and who is going to be there.  Even going back and researching who was at the last event will give you key words to look up online – sometimes you can even find their personal websites, which will provide some of the answers to the questions down below.

Going into any of these events with zero knowledge will only create confusion and you could possibly end up committing to an expensive session or class series because you were overwhelmed.  Practitioners are people and many depend upon event attendees to make back the ridiculously expensive fees they paid out for a booth.  At this moment they are not in the best place to worry about YOUR highest and best good.  They have to pay their bills!

Almost all practitioners offer services for a fee – very few can afford to do anything for free in the economy we live in.  Some teach as well.  While you might be introduced to a free service or even a 5 minutes session at these events, energy workers believe in an energy exchange. And for most, that means you should be fully aware of your financial state before ever going into these events.

Caution!  There are some who will trade their service for either a service from you something of value you may be willing to trade.  Remember, you must feel comfortable before you agree to anything!  Otherwise you run the possibility of tainting the energy of the session.  Trade can be a very beneficial arrangement for some people and I personally know several situations where this worked out quite well for all involved, but again – buyer beware!

Again, you need to know what kind of resources you have at hand.  Just as in the real world, there are takers in the energy world, people who are unethical and will try to take as much as you are willing to give.  If you have not done ANY research you could get taken very badly.  If you get caught in a cult, you may end up giving more than you ever thought you could.  This has happened to someone I personally know, so it is not just a scary story.

By asking the following questions in a neutral, curious tone of voice, the mature, wise practitioner will know you are not a casual bystander.  No one ethical will take these questions as an attack and most will be happy to discuss their own journey.

If you are speaking with someone who is introverted it may be a slightly more difficult conversation than with a naturally gregarious individual.  

I have heard the phrase “highest and best good” – can you explain what this means to you?
(This gives them the opportunity to explain what this phrase means to them.  Throughout the rest of the interview you can see if they live the ideals they express here.)

What was the first modality you learned and why?
(Is it a healing modality or did they just pick it up to make money?)

How did you figure out what you wanted to learn and practice?
(This is a leading question to help them explain their path to you.  This may or may not be pertinent to your own path, but how they explain themselves will help you understand their perspective and ethics.)

What types of energetic protection do you use daily and with your clients/students?
(This is a trick question.  The majority of energy workers still do not use protection which leaves their clients and students vulnerable.  It may be that you still follow through with this practitioner, but at least you know upfront you will be responsible for your own protection.)

I am trying to figure out what classes/sessions to take for myself.  Can you help me point me in a direction?
(This is a semi-trick question.  Most in the healing practitioner field will recommend meditation to begin with in some variation (breath work, yoga, etc.) but then if they are interested in YOU they will ask you questions about what you are experiencing and any signs of gifts that may be present.  If they don’t, and just immediately launch into a litany of why you come see them, shop elsewhere.)

How long have you practiced (X) modality?
(It is important to understand that while some practitioners have life long experiences you can relate to, for healing work it is sometimes best to go with someone who has not just started in the modality.)

Can you explain to me why you decided to help others with (X) modality?
(The way they answer will help you understand their character and ethics.  Yes, we all need to earn a living, however some people are there to make a buck and others want to help people heal, develop their own self-identity, and and discover their spiritual self.  You want to make sure you find a practitioner interested in your highest and best good and not just interested in making a dollar.)

What other modalities do you use?
(If all they are is a one trick pony then you may want to definitely find someone else.  No, not everyone is a Master teacher, but most practitioners utilize multiple modalities in their personal life to keep them balanced – i.e., meditation, crystal work, art, music, toning, etc.)

What Gifts are you aware that you possess?
(There exist several universally acknowledged Gift Families:
*Clairaudience (hearing)
*Clairvoyance (seeing)
*Clairsentience (sensing of energy and information)
*Claircognizance (knowing)
If they don’t KNOW about all these Gift Families, or cannot explain their personal gifts, look elsewhere.)

THE GIFTS THEY POSSESS DON’T ALWAYS INDICATE WHETHER OR NOT TO CHOOSE TO WORK WITH THIS PERSON.  Everyone has developed at least one gift during their path, and just because someone else may have 3 or 4 gifts developed does not mean they are better for you.  For a teacher, the key question is if their Gifts are in the same family as yours so they can help you develop.

Can you recognize/identify the Gifts I possess?
(Gifts are incredibly special and wonderful and each person’s Gifts are tailored to their individual blue print.  No two people will experience their Gifts in an identical manner.  Harry Potter this is NOT.)

Do you know how to develop Gifts in individuals?
(This is a question that needs to be asked.  It may be that this practitioner does not have the ability to actively do this, but may know someone who does.)

What is the basis for your spiritual beliefs?  Are you religious or pagan or ?  Do you believe in Angels, Guides, spirits, animal guides, etc?
(This question is pertinent in that it allows the practitioner the opportunity to begin to explain their spiritual background.  This gives you opportunity to decide if you are in alignment.)

Can you teach me how to communicate with my Guides?
(This one is simple and should be in every teacher’s repertoire!  Meditation is the absolute best first step every person should take and will help everyone communicate with their guides even if their Gifts are completely undeveloped.)

A lot of energy practitioners do (X) modality.  Can you tell me why working with you would be in my highest and best good?
(This is a trick question.  If they immediately launch into a clearly identifiable marketing speech you will understand that this is their BUSINESS.  Which is different from a VOCATION.  Those following their vocation will honor your highest and best good, but business owners may not.)

Have you learned from only human teachers or have you been taught by Light Beings, Guides, Spirits, Ascended Masters, Angels, etc.?
(This is the question that may get you the strangest looks.  You want someone who is going to be open to working with your Light Beings and open to you receiving information personally from your Light Beings.  Those you encounter who are not open to these ideas are not for you – seek elsewhere.)

If there was one take-away you wanted me to have from this interview, what would it be?
(Semi-trick question.  If they launch into a marketing spiel versus what you can do for yourself then you know this is not the correct person.)