Requests for Assistance From Archangel Michael

There are times when we each us need help with ghosts, demons, etc. whether we recognize what we are dealing with or not.  Below are some phrases you can use to help yourself when you are in a situation you may not understand or know how to deal with.

I did not believe in Angelics until 2001.  At all.  I was raised agnostic and basically lived with the idea that while there might be a “higher power” out there it certainly was not loving or kind or caring as the people on the planet were time and again hurt and abused.

Yet, because of choices I made in my life, the Light appeared and changed the way I look at everything.  The Light in the personified form of Archangel Michael.  AA Michael is 100% of the Light and for those who are curious, his Path on this planet is to Gather the Souls and to Slay the Demons.

Michael is available to all who call upon him.  Like all Angelics, he is a multidimensional being who sees to the core of all that you are.  He is not taken in by lies or gimmicks or any form of nonsense – or evil.  He sees all the different energy planes that interact with and upon our Earth Plane and he can do some incredible work, whether it is with demons, dark ETs, Elementals, Faeries, etc.  He can help.  And you don’t need to believe in or expect to “experience” what he can do. You are just allowing him to help you.

So – look at the phrases below and when you need help, ask him for it.  Please follow the phrasing carefully because you want to make sure you are getting Archangel Michael – 100% of the Light – and not a demon pretending to be him.  They like to do that.

Archangel Michael, 100% of the Light, please open the Gate and take home all discarnates around me.  Thank you.

Archangel Michael, 100% of the Light, surround me with your Shielding and protect me from that which is not attached to me.  I ask you to transmute now all the Darkness within me that is available for you to remove.  I give you my permission to help me now.

Space Issues:
Archangel Michael, 100% of the Light, surround me and surround the space I am in with your Shielding.  Cleanse this space of all that is not 100% of the Light.  Raise the vibration within this space to one as high as I can tolerate.  Fill this space with the Light and Love of the Creator and let it bring Peace.