Revoking Another Person’s Access to Your Personal Energy

Revocations are rituals, rituals are formalized intentions.  As you perform a Revocation for yourself or for someone else, please note that the words need to be spoken – not read aloud.  So, you may want to listen to the recording below and then fill in the appropriate spaces (name, pronoun) as you repeat aloud for the Highest Vibrational Effect.

Revoking Energy Access

I hereby revoke NOW
the ability for (insert name)
and all energetic beings connected to (him/her)
to access my energy system
through any and all means
be it emotional, energetic, physical, distant, etheric, consciously, or unconsciously.

I revoke all access and permissions NOW!

I revoke all permissions given previously to this person
I cancel and burn all contracts and agreements which allow
this person any form of access to me,
regardless of whether the permission was given consciously or
unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.

I cancel and burn all agreements NOW!

I revoke any and all access given to (insert name)
via any and all roles and life lessons
I revoke all permissions given to him/her
that are or can be utilized by the Darkness attached to (him/her).

I revoke all access to the Darkness NOW!

I revoke all access to (insert name) NOW!

I revoke all access previously given NOW!


Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!