Are you curious about what your purpose in life is?

Do you want to know if that someone special in your life has a specific reason to be with you?

Do you want to know what life lessons you have during this lifetime are? 

Do you want to know more about past lives you lived and how those past lives are affecting this lifetime?

The Akasha is the complete listing of all the incarnations your soul has ever had. Akashic Record readings reveal information regarding your current lifetime and readings can provide detailed information on why certain things have happened to you or why certain people are in your life.

When you allow access to your records, we are given an opportunity to receive information that is all about you.  Sometimes the information received provides insight about your life purposes, lessons you are meant to experience and learn and grow from, and sometimes it provides you with information about people in your life and the soul agreements and soul contracts you have with them.

Akashic Readings are driven by you and the questions you ask during the session.  The Akashic Guardians will voluntarily share messages and information they have that is pertinent for you to know, but the more concise, clear leading questions you ask the more specific the information you receive will be.  Your interested participation will make a significant difference in the information you receive.

When you ask leading questions this allows the Akashic Guardians to provide detailed answers, not just a yes or no answers.  Akashic Record readings are held via telephone, skype, or in person.  Readings are a two-way conversation where you ask about what you want to know and then I open the Records and channel the information to you.

Your information is provided by the Akashic Guardians and Loved Ones with your High Self and personal Guides assisting.  This information tends to be a macro-oriented view, which means they will not tell you that you need to “do this” or “do that”.

They provide the reason WHY things and relationships have been the way they have been in your life and help you gain perspective on how to move forward with your choices and your life.

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