Attunement to Archangel Auriel’s Energy

Archangel Auriel is the 9th Ray Vibration; through Archangel Auriel, individuals receive assistance in their quest for spiritual enlightenment and harmony.  Archangel Auriel has always been present on the earth plane, but as of June 2012 the planetary alignment shifted to allow his vibration to take ascendancy.  This vibration prompts people to seek out and create a connection with spirit.  Many individuals have begun to question their faith and the reasons behind their beliefs.  This is good, as Archangel Auriel believes that blind belief merely blinds you whereas enlightened understanding leads to fulfillment on a spiritual level and choice allows you to live in harmony with the spiritual essence inside of you while occupying your physical form.

As the living embodiment of the Archangel Auriel, the Spiritual Mentor channels his 9th ray vibration to the earth plane and to individuals through the attunement process.  The attunement will assist one further along the path of Spiritual Enlightenment and of Harmony as it opens the individual to the vibration of change and growth in 100% alignment with your birth blueprint and your higher self.  The vibration of Archangel Auriel speeds up the enlightenment process and facilitates gift development without conscious effort.  There is never a dull moment once you receive the attunement, so it is imperative to understand prior to receiving the attunement that change will occur and that change may very well fall outside of any plans you may have.

This attunement is perfect for those who feel stuck in their life or spiritual path and would like angelic assistance with making change in their life.