Attunement to Archangel Michael’s Energy

Via the internet, there are many declarations of who Archangel Michael is and what he does.  Per one source, “in the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces” while there are many other references that have him fighting against perceived evils and ills in the human world.

When he first appeared to TSM, he said she was to call him Michael and that he was the slayer of demons and the gatherer of souls.  She was to follow his instructions and he would guide her and her path to cleansing.  One of the first things he did was to teach her to shield herself daily.  This shielding exercise should be used by everyone on a daily basis to protect themselves from energetic detritus.   Those whose Gifts of Empathy find themselves highly or hyper sensitive will find this exercise extremely helpful.

14+ years down the road, TSM is still working daily with Michael and still enjoys learning what only he can teach her.  TSM takes a few students a year to teach Michael’s cleansing techniques, but only teaches those whom Michael clearly states are meant to be Cleansers.  This is a path that very few of those drawn to Michael;s energy are meant to walk.  Many individuals are drawn to his vibration of Light and can receive his Attunement.  This attunement makes one sensitive to Michael’s energy and depending upon what Gifts one has, may begin to develop a deeper awareness of Michael and his instructions.  Those who are clairvoyant may be able to see his presence in their life more easily while those who are clairaudient may be able to hear him better.

All can call upon Michael and his Sword of Light for assistance and aid in times of need for there is no one better to assist in the battle against the demon and detritus than Michael, for he is always present on the Earth plane.