When you select the option for a Personalized Healing and Cleansing Session, you will receive a very specific session, tailored to you and your life situation, guided by your High Self, your guides, your Angelics – all the beings of Light that love you and want only the best for you.  Some sessions are 60 minutes while others may last as long as three hours.  Each is particular to who you are in that session and what you need to receive!

I always ask your High Self and your Guides if I am the best person to help you before we schedule a session.  Because I trust the Universe and the information it share with me, I can tell you how many sessions will take place in this batch, how long the sessions will be, and what the focus of the sessions will be.

This helps you plan as well as this work can be emotionally exhausting and you need to make sure you give yourself time to recover in the days following.  For example, if you said you wanted to see me on Sunday, but then told me on Monday you were starting three days of 7am – 5pm meetings, I would not do the session.  You need to be able to be in a place where you can safely be exactly who you are.  I care enough about my clientele and it is best we work together to plan when your sessions need to take place – guided by your “real world” life – jobs, children, etc.

Each session is unique and no two sessions are ever the same because you are never the same person energetically.  Thus – it only makes sense for me to work with your Guides and Light Beings to provide for you the session that will have the most healing effect upon you.

There are a variety of modalities available for me to use in the session plus I will be channeling the healing energy of the Angelics and Ascended Masters into you to help you heal yourself.  For example, we may begin with Soul Piece Retrieval work, then remove some Programs and Constructs preventing you from moving forward, and then remove some blockages from your chakras and and open up the energy flow through your channel, and then we finish with going over shielding and protection and include exercises to help you help yourself on a daily basis.

Each session is unique because you are unique and your High Self and Guides will tell me exactly what I need to do to help you.

Contact me so we can chat and I can make a determination regarding your situation and needs.  I will explain what the Guides say and we can move forward with that.

Everything can be done distantly or in person, so it doesn’t matter if you are here in North Carolina or in Europe or Asia or South America.  In energy work, there is no such thing as “distance” because I connect to you through your spiritual essence.

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