Personal Sessions with Julia Alexandra

Personal Healing and Cleansing Energy Sessions are tailored to your needs as I am guided by your High Self, your Soul.  Our work will be assisted by beings 100% of the Light, which includes the Angelics, Ascended Masters, and your personal Guides.

Each healing session returns you to a more authentic you, a more whole you, and returns to the state of perfection you were born with when you came into the Earth Plane.

Are you ready to change your life?  Let’s Go!

These sessions transform your life and your physical state of being.  Each session last anywhere from one to two hours and when you leave you will feel relaxed, uplifted, and filled with Love because your Guides, the Angelics, Ascended Masters, and Beings of Light Love you.  We all want only that which is your Highest and Best Good.

In these sessions, any number of things may be done.  We may:

  • release detrimental vows or curses preventing you from living your life in alignment with your Highest and Best Good.
  • clear addiction triggers or influences from other lifetimes.
  • clear, balance, and rejuvenate various parts of your energy system, raising your personal vibration and shifting you to a place of receiving
  • remove negative entities, toxic energies, chords, programs and attachments
  • resolve and remove negative energies from past relationships
  • channel messages from the Light Beings for your improved knowledge

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