Chakra Clearing and Activation

The Chakras are a vital part of our energy system. The Chakras are an incredibly responsible part of our energy system and as such, they are heavily impacted by our life events, our emotional situations, and stress in general.

The Chakras need to be cleared frequently to facilitate proper energy flow.  This may include the removal of a variety of types of blockages or other projectiles that come from outside you – or sometimes are self-implanted!

When reviewing the Chakras, we can review the sub-chakras to see if they have been activated or opened.  Our sub-chakras provide deeper levels of access to our true selves;  they add dimensions to our emotional capacity and are a necessary part of a well-functioning energy system.

When any part of the chakra system closes or shuts down – which can happen even to chakras or activated or opened sub-chakras – then parts of ourselves are diminished and we are less whole.

This process brings Light, Love, and Energy back into us as a whole and leaves us feeling relaxed and refreshed.