Etheric Alignment Sessions

Etheric Alignment is a healing modality that aligns the client’s energetic layers with their physical form, which returns the client to a physical state of ease and comfort.

What are the indicators for an Etheric Alignment?  One common indicator is when you experience physical pain for unknown reasons.  Maybe you woke up with pain or you are suddenly feeling pain yet you did no physical actions to cause it.  The pain you experience does not just “go away”, and it can, in fact, be quite debilitating.  You could even lose the ability to move a limb properly.

Pain in this situation will not abate even when you reach out to Western medicine for drugs or a chiropractor for an adjustment.  The pain can last indefinitely, which has a definite impact on your ability to function daily.

Why are Etheric Alignment treatments valid?  When our physical form shifts out of alignment with our energetic layers, discomfort and pain are real.  The sensations you feel are not linked to a physical state within the body, because they are the result of an imbalance within your energetic system.

Etheric Alignments use the Practitioner’s ability to communicate with the Client’s High Self and Physical Consciousness to insert energy into specific points along the physical body (front and back) to return the body to a state of homeostasis.  Just as a chiropractor manipulates the bones in the body into place, Etheric Alignment manipulates the energetic planes of the human energy system back into place and the pain disappears.

In short, Etheric Alignment can be likened to an energetic “chiropractic” treatment.

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