Soul Piece Retrieval and Reintegration

Being human sucks.  The experience of being human integrates both pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, peace and fear.  Many situations have the potential to cause emotional and physical traumas. These traumas range and are entirely dependent upon each individual and their perceptions, beliefs, and ideals.  Trauma can be experienced from the loss of a loved one, from receiving neglect or harm by others, or even after enduring exhaustion developed from having to adapt to a long-standing difficult situation.  Trauma does not possess a universal definition.

When traumas occur, it is normal for many people to go momentarily out of body.  Many people are never aware of this, however.  Going out of body is a coping mechanism we intuitively use to help avoid the full impact of the pain in that moment.  But sometimes, a part of us while we are out of body may choose to stay out there.  It then separates from the whole when we return to our physical form and thus we are lacking a vital piece of ourselves.

Each person has hundreds of soul pieces that need to be retrieved and reintegrated. Why?  One reason is that soul pieces possess qualities that are no longer available to us in this lifetime, or at least not available to us at the level we were designed to experience.  Some of these qualities are:

Self-Love      Appreciation for Self           Morality

Strength of character          Responsibility            Perseverance

Emotional Resilience          Setting boundaries          Wisdom

When we return these soul pieces to ourselves, we reintegrate the part of us that was missing and bring back into our essence these qualities that diminished us with their absence.

While every person will benefit from a Soul Retrieval Session, it is important to realize that this process can jump start healing and growth cycles and many times you alone will determine how much growth is realized.  While we are always here and available to you as a resource, we are each ultimately responsible for our self and so communication is vital during this process.

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