Akashic Record Healing and Resolution

The Soul is usually not the part of ourselves believed to require healing. We view the Soul as infinite, untouched, and perfect. Yet, the most important aspect of your personal healing journey is Soul Healing, as it then flows opportunities for healing into other sections of which we are unaware.

Why Do We Need to Heal On the Soul Level?

Imagine talking with your medical doctor about pain you are feeling, yet you walk away from that meeting with a prescription you have zero faith in and you STILL don’t know why you are in pain?

This happens every day in America and the truth is – Western medicine may not be able to address the issue at all! Maybe then you go to a psychic or an energy healer and the issue may be resolved temporarily, but it always comes back. Where are you supposed to go to get resolution?

Your High Self knows what is needed for healing, but it needs you to listen!

Your life is affected by the choices we live in this lifetime AND it is affected by other lifetimes too! Negative choices and self-destructive behaviors bleed into this lifetime, creating negative loops of behavior, negative thought patterns, and other detrimental situations which can affect every aspect of your life.

Let’s play pretend and say you are in an unhealthy relationship. You are not happy in this relationship – it lacks satisfaction, it is an environment where you don’t feel safe to be your authentic self, and maybe you can’t express your hopes, fears, loves, or joy.

Maybe you have tried to leave the relationship before, but for whatever reason, you return time and again to this unhealthy place “because”. Maybe you cannot even explain “because”, you just feel that you have to be there, try more, and make it work. Maybe your friends and family have tried to get you to leave, but you can’t do it. Maybe you have even gone to counseling, but even that has not worked.

Maybe it is not an intimate relationship we are talking about, but your job or a long-term friendship. Maybe you have tried so many things to make the situation change, but all have failed and now you feel that others view you as the failure.

Living in a state of unhappiness – whether it takes place in your intimate relationships, your family and friend relationships, or your career has a negative impact upon you. It can lead you to emotional depression and self-destructive behaviors designed to help you ignore what is happening in your life.

Eventually, your body eventually will exhibit various signs of imbalance, pain, or even dis-ease.  This is because your High Self will use whatever tools necessary to bring your attention to this unhappy, unhealthy state you are living in!

These negative beliefs and behaviors are connected to blockages within your energy system. Some of the blockages you have created, some were implanted within you by others, and some blockages are coming from other lifetimes!

These blockages can disrupt our ability to intuitive recognize Right Alignment and they negatively affect our ability to connect and receive Guidance from our Guides, our High Self, and the Creator. This negativity has negative repercussions impacting your other lifetimes as well, which then requires ultimately has a negative effect upon the Soul Level.

We like to think that this one little life has no lasting impact on anyone besides ourselves and after all – don’t we have the right to live our Free Will choices? Absolutely – HOWEVER, we are always connected to our High Self and our High Self has many lifetimes running concurrently to this one.

We do have opportunities, however, to heal ourselves and heal our destructive behaviors and choices at the Soul Level. And we do this via the Akashic Records.

When we access the Akashic Records, our High Self is there with us every moment of our time there. Our High Self works with the Guardians to identify for us the lifetimes being negatively affected by us and which lifetimes we are being negatively affected by!

With this information, we then use specific clearing techniques to heal and resolve these issues and return the Soul – and ourselves – back to a state of balance.

We remove the dissonance that is causing disruptions within our life and which is negatively impacting our Soul. This healing creates significant, immediate, and long lasting changes in your life.

It facilitates a stronger connection to your High Self and to the Creator whenever blockages are removed, which provides your Guidance and your intuition with the opportunity to grow and develop. As you grow, you then shift your life to one in alignment with your Life Path. And yes, you are happier and more fulfilled.

We have the ability to eliminate detrimental and negative influences from other lifetimes (past/future/same time and parallel) that encourages or promotes negative behaviors in this lifetime.  We can remove these damaging influences and greatly reduce – or even eliminate entirely – the destructive behaviors and habits you hate about yourself.

This modality can ease your burden and allow you to return back to a place of emotional balance and behavior that you like about yourself.

Please – know this, when other lifetimes are influencing your negatively, you CAN take back your life and achieve the place of healthiness you desire.

These sessions are performed in person or distantly and if completed distantly the client will receive a detailed write-up of the session.