Mediumship and Exorcism Services

In common terms, Mediums are people who communicate with people who have died.  This is, of course, entirely dependent upon each medium’s blueprint and how his or her talents have developed.

It’s not Hollywood, people, there are many variations that fall under the clairaudience tree.  The truth is that Clairaudients may hear any number of things and it is also true that most prefer to pretend that all they hear is the voices of those who have passed on.

The real Truth is that there are many beings who may try to communicate with humans and a significant number of those beings are Dark – not just discarnates or those who have passed beyond.

So, I offer my services for hire as both a Medium and as an exorcist, because in my experience environments either have a vast majority of Dark beings present or a combination of Dark and discarnates that need to be shifted onwards.

As both a Medium and an Exorcist, I can do the work distantly, but I have found that most people find comfort in my being present while work is being done.  Sometimes so they can ask questions and sometimes just because where they are is scary and they like to have the comfort of another living human being present.

My services are listed below for this category, but I am always interested in hearing about your experience, so don’t hesitate to contact me.  This is my fun work and I love to know what is happening to others.

I have had multiple dealings in the past with various paranormal groups (including one tv show group).  If you are interested in my services, please know that I don’t play games or put on shows nor will I subjugate myself to some personality who wants to act like an idiot for attention.  I am a professional who provides discrete services to businesses and individuals alike and I will not jeopardize my work ethic for your ego.

Confirmation. assessment, and clearing of paranormal situation
$250 retainer plus $100 per hour minimum within NC state lines
(A minimum of retainer if $550 required upfront PLUS travel fees for out of North Carolina clients plus $100 per hour for every hour on site.  Over 15 minutes = hour

Distance Estimate of work needed – $25

Distance Work
$100 per hour

Non-local clients will be required to pay additional travel fees upfront