Space Clearings for Homes and Businesses

Have you ever walked into a place where the air felt “thick”, a place where you felt cold or warm spots, or you knew without being told the people there were unhappy and arguing?

Perhaps you are aware that someone had died there, or, more tragically, had been killed there and since that time weird things have happened?  

Maybe you find yourself experiencing strong emotions without any reason while you are in a particular location but have no reason to be feeling upset in any way.

Maybe you have seen things move by themselves or maybe you discovered things moved when no one else was there to move them.  

Maybe the lights flicker or even go out or doors open or shut without human help.

Maybe you saw someone out of the corner of your eye, but when you turned your head no one was there.  

Maybe you notice “things” happen at a specific time of day or on a specific day of the year and so you think it is “nothing” or will just go away on its’ own.

From experience I can say assuredly these things do not just “go away” and they will, in fact, develop further over time.  Buildings and spaces absorb the energies of the emotions of people who live or work there, and in some cases, from those who visit. In general, older spaces have stronger detrimental energies than newer ones just because they have had more time to absorb emotions and these energies can affect people who visit or stay in the building – type of building disregarded, but certain experiences and situations will make any environment “haunted” regardless of age.

General Clearing and Sanctifications:
When a general clearing is done, all the unattached negative energies and energy beings in the space are cleared out and the energy is recharged to a high vibration so the place is peaceful. A home is the place where you reside, regardless of whether it is an apartment, condo, duplex, standard house or vacation cottage.  Businesses also come in all shapes and sizes because businesses reside in many different types of buildings.

The time needed to clear a space depends upon its size, the number of items that require attention, and the number of people affected.  The process includes the living floors, basements, attics, yards, and garages.  Once everything authorized has been cleared away, the area will be sanctified, or blessed, and the environment will be better to be in.  We will also provide a number of suggestions to help maintain a “better” environment to live, work, and play in.

We pride ourselves on having performed these services discretely and effectively for over 15 years and we know that the environment will be brighter and happier once the work is done.  This is extremely important not only in home environments, but in business environments.

We don’t want anyone’s financial situation to keep them from asking for help. We are happy to review situations on a case by case basis for situations where income is tight.  In some cases, trade may be an acceptable energy exchange.

Typical things encountered and cleared during a General Clearing may include:

* ghosts (energy/personality of individuals who have died but not passed on)
* energy imprints related to emotional distress (anger, sadness, emotional
imbalance) created by past residents, visitors, and current residents
* energy wells and other naturally occuring environmental situations that require
clearing on a regular basis by a professional
* low level detritus that is drawn to and lingers around people
* portals from other dimensions and realities

From time to time Significant Issues will be identified that require more in-depth work. When identified, we advise the client on the what’s and why’s, and allow the client as much time as needed for questions.  Significant Issues may need to be addressed and resolved in different type of session or possibly a different time as the client may need time to process the information.  This is not unusual as 90% of people today do not believe in ghosts or demons and are unaware of how dangerous these situations can be until they have a personal experience.  I strongly encourage everyone to ask questions so they fully understand the situation as well as the work that is needed.

Significant Issues Clearings:
Significant issues may increase the cost of the cleansing OR, if the client chooses, may require a return visit to accommodate the client’s needs.  The cleansing fees for this type of work include the number of visits needed, any materials required, and any additional staff required.

Examples of issues that fall under Significant Issue include:
* detrimental ET monitoring devices**
* high level demonic activity (Dark Sentient Beings (DSBs))
* demon attachment to items and articles (i.e., dolls, cases, furniture, fixtures)
* demon possession of humans

PLEASE do not throw objects you think may be possessed or have demon attachments into the fire or garbage.  If you don’t want to pay for them to be cleansed I would rather you notify me directly and I will pick up the items
myself.  Burning them only releases the negative energy being to then go
find someone or something else to attach to and throwing something
into the garbage only transfers the problem to a different location.

**Note – detrimental ETs fall outside the normal energetic beings category and may require the services of one of our specialists for this type of detritus.

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