New Client Introductory Session

The work I do can be overwhelming to someone new to energy work, so I added the option of an Intro Session to introduce the new client to the work I do.  This session provides provide the client with time to converse with me, provides an opportunity to understand the energy healing process, how this Work aligns with their healing process, and time for a session.

Please all an hour and a half for the Introductory session ($125).  Actual length of the session time will depend upon the client’s history, energy work background, and questions you ask.  Many times an Introductory Session includes with a short reading as the client’s High Self always contributes to the Work done.

The High Self may indicate some hands-on work is needed or it may indicate a different modality is needed.  At the end of the session, you may go home with homework to do daily until the next session, and occasionally I even receive dietary suggestions for you to incorporate in your diet. One never knows what information is going to be shared!

By the end of the session, however, you and I will have a better understanding of where the your healing journey is being directed and we can move forward together from there.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, click here.