The work I do can be quite confusing to someone coming in the first time, so this session was created to introduce new clients to the work I do and to provide the client with a platform for understanding their healing process and how this Work aligns with their healing process.

Introductory sessions ($125) range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes, depending upon the client’s history, energy work background, and questions they ask.  Many times an Introductory Session begins with a general reading for communication with the client’s High Self is always paramount in the Work I do.

We may be guided at that point to do some hands-on work or we may go over the different modalities their High Self wants them to experience.  The client may be provided with exercises to perform when they get home until the next time we meet, and the potential even exists to discuss dietary suggestions the Guides might provide.

By the end of the session, however, both the client and I will have a better understanding of where the client’s healing journey is being directed and we can move forward together from there.

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