The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System is a hands-on energy modality commonly taught in the US to three levels of proficiency.   All humans are capable of receiving Reiki and all humans are capable of learning Reiki – for we are designed this way.

I received my Reiki Master Teacher Certification in 2001, learned from a Master who was 2 levels from Mrs. Takata.  I uphold the Usui Reiki Protocol in all Reiki classes, class participation is limited in size, and I facilitate an environment for seekers to develop their energy awareness, sensitivities, and spirituality while learning how to use Reiki.

Reiki sessions can be performed in-person and via distance sessions.  There is no price difference between the two sessions and the client must be still during the time of the session so that no mishaps occur.

In general, a single session that is Reiki-only focused will last approximately 50 to 60 minutes.  This Reiki Practitioner also knows multiple other modalities and if guided can offer those modalities to the client during the session for no additional fee, however it may add time.

For example, the Reiki Master Practitioner may be Guided to provide an Etheric Alignment to the client in pieces, parts, or in whole.  Since this is taking place during a Reiki session then the Reiki Master Practitioner will not charge extra for this service, but the time may be extended to account for this extra modality.

The Reiki Master Practitioner will ask for Guidance prior to accepting the client for a session. In general, when a Reiki session is booked, Reiki is the modality provided. However, because we are in Service we also allow for “extras” to sometimes happen.  The client is always reassured that his or her Free Will choices will be followed during the session and that if he/she chooses to not receive the other modality then we will respect that choice.

The Reiki Master Practitioner will ask for Guidance at the end of the session regarding the client returning for another Reiki session and/or for any other sessions.  There is no guarantee that the Reiki Master Practitioner will continue to accept the client for sessions and the acceptance of the client for one session does not create a contract stipulating that the Reiki Master Practitioner will continue to do so.

The Reiki Master Practitioner reserves the right to immediately discontinue any Reiki session regardless of how far the session has gone.  Refunds will not be awarded to anyone should the Reiki Master Practitioner be compelled to discontinue the session.