The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System is a hands-on healing energy modality commonly taught in the US to three levels of proficiency.   All humans are capable of receiving Reiki and all humans are capable of learning Reiki – for we are designed this way.

Reiki sessions can be performed in-person and via distance sessions.  There is no price difference between the two sessions and if performed distantly I require that you be in a quiet place during the time of the session to receive the highest level of benefits available to you.

No two sessions are identical, but in general terms, a Reiki session will last approximately 50 to 60 minutes with a few minutes talking prior and post session.  Please plan your time accordingly.

I am experienced with other modalities as well, and if I receive Guidance I will offer those modalities to the client during the session for no additional fee, however it may add time to the overall session.  I may receive Guidance to discuss a different modality for a subsequent session as well, if the work needed requires a separate session entirely.  Both options happen frequently.

For example, I may be Guided to provide an Etheric Alignment to the client in a particular location.  Since this is taking place during a Reiki session I will not charge extra for this service, but the time may be extended to account for this extra step.

In general, when a Reiki session is booked, Reiki is the modality provided. However, because I an in Service I also allow for “extras” to sometimes happen.  Your Free Will choices will always be honored during the session and if you choose to not receive the other modality then than choice will be respected.

I will ask for Guidance at the end of the session regarding any follow-up sessions for Reiki or any other modality.

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