Below are the upcoming classes I am currently offering during the final quarter of 2018 and 2019.  If you would like to know about a particular modality I teach but you don’t see it listed, contact me!  If you want to attend a class but can’t make when I have it scheduled for, contact me!

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – Reiki Level 2

Begins Saturday, March 2, 2019. Minimum of 2 people per class (maximum of 6). Six (6) in-person, three-hour long classes (total of 18+ hours). Class will be held every two or three weeks, depending upon schedule needed. Class fee, if paid on-site, can be broken into three payments. My class design allows students to receive personal guidance over the course of the series to assist with the development of the individual’s sensitivities and to provide the ability to be responsive to changes the student undergoes during this course.  Students have access to me, free of charge, throughout the class series for consultation and conversation regarding their experiences.


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – Level One Refresher

Reiki Level One Refresher Class – Been a while since you did Reiki for yourself or participated in a Reiki Share? This class is an intensive 4 hour session to bring you back up to speed on why Reiki is a fabulous self-help practice and why you should get back into doing it for yourself and those you love! Held on select Sundays from 12 noon to 4pm – contact me via email for next dates.


The Chakra Series

Ten Month series on understanding underlying wounds affecting the chakras within the Main Chakra System and your ability to heal and restore your energy system and body for personal development and personal healing. Fee is $75 per month (which can be paid during class). 1pm – 4pm Every third Saturday February through November 2019



Etheric Alignment Workshop

This limited size workshop is designed to educate the sensitive, experienced energy practitioner to discover and align the client’s energy planes that are out of sync – causing pain or discomfort that is not fixed by Western medicine. Excellent modality for massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, Reflexologists, etc. February 2, 2019 1pm to 6pm