Understanding the Akashic Records

Understanding the Akashic Records is an important step before you can effectively utilize the Records, whether it is for a Reading or for Healing. I provide a clear, comprehensive understanding of the categories of information accessed in the Akashic Records.

Once the student has a solid understanding of the information accessible, I teach a simple method to access the Records and learn to use the information for self-improvement.

The goal of an Akashic Record Reading is to provide solid information for yourself or your client which will be used to help understand events and relationships happening in this lifetime.  The competent, accomplished practitioner will be able to provide both specific information regarding other lifetimes’ experiences and relationships brought into this lifetime from which to learn and grow and provide healing opportunities for the soul and the lifetime.

Examples of this include:

  • Getting data on specific life situations and why the client has experienced unexplained and unrelated moments of panic or fear and possibly health issues.
  • Getting detailed accounts of other lifetime’s circumstances that have affected the client’s lifetime.
  • Learning about specific relationships carried into this lifetime to help resolve Karma or learn lessons.
  • Removing detrimental influences from this lifetime that were created by other lifetimes taking vows.

The Akashic Records are Sacred and the information you receive from the Guardians imparts to you a Sacred responsibility when you access highly private and sensitive information – for your client, your loved ones, and yourself.

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