The goal of an Akashic Record Reading is to provide solid information the client will be able to use to help understand events and relationships happening in this lifetime.

Accessing the Akashic Records is not a new modality and if you look around you can find multiple ways to approach this modality. My approach to this class is to to simplify accessing the Records and to facilitate the student’s development of a greater understanding of what the Akasha is, how it works, why you can access it, and how you can learn to use it to become the best practitioner you can be.

The competent practitioner provides specific information regarding other lifetimes’ experiences and relationships brought into this lifetime from which to learn and grow.

Such as:

  • Specific life situations that may explain why the client has experienced unexplained and unrelated moments of panic or fear and possibly health issues.
  • Detailed accounts of other lifetime’s circumstances that may have affected or possibly could affect the client’s lifetime.
  • Specific relationships that were carried into this lifetime to help resolve Karma or learn lessons.

The Akashic Records are Sacred and the information you receive from the Guardians imparts to you a Sacred responsibility when you access highly private and sensitive information – for your client, possibly your loved ones, and yourself.

This two-day class will teach you what the Akasha is, how to access it simply and effortlessly, and how to use your personal Gifts and Abilities best to understand and relay the information you receive from the Guardians.  This class if the first step to understanding this Sacred tool and how it can help you achieve your Life Goals set in place and motion by your High Self.

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