This workshop series is a Beginner’s Level introduction to the major Chakras of the human energy system.   These classes provide a basic understanding of the human energy system while spending the majority of the focus on the healing issues relevant to each chakra.

The intention of these classes is to help you identify the root causes of physical symptoms that have manifested in your body, thus help propel you along your personal healing journey.

These classes should not be confused with an advanced class series for spiritual development.

There are no prerequisites to take the class series, however the classes are designed to flow into each other.  The beginner will find it easier to understand the concepts presented if they start with the first class.

Class One
Basic Understanding of the Human Energy System
Chakra One – Root
Chakra Two – Sacral

Class Two
Chakra Three – Solar Plexus
Chakra Four – Heart
Chakra Five – Throat

Class Three
Chakra Six – Third Eye
Chakra Seven – Crown
The Tan Tiens and the Hara System