About me and this site…

My name is Julia Alexandra and I have been intimately aware of and have experienced the paranormal aspect of our world since I was five years old.

I am an intuitive energy practitioner (psychic/medium).  I specialize in the removal of detrimental energies and entities from people, places, and items.  I am a demonologist, or, if you prefer, an exorcist.

One of my specialties is the removal of curses – from individuals and family chains.  Ancestral curses exist and their effect plays on through family members who are unaware of this detrimental energy that affects them, their life choices, and outside situations.

Please review the different sections of this site.  There are some stories – mostly cautionary tales – on the main page as well as some self help sections and some pages describing some of my services.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.